Asead Alahlia For Trading and Contracting

About Us

Asead Alahlia was established in 2006 to carry out import and export services, logistic services, and customs clearance for major clients in the shipping industry.

In 2008, Daily Express Co was established as a part of Asead Alahlia licensed as a Kuwaiti courier and postal services company to perform freight forwarding and all shipping services. Currently, Asead Alahlia is expanding its operations by entering to food stuff market as a way to fulfil our organization strategic plan as a diversified company.

Products and services

Customs Clearance
Our customs clearance office handles all sorts of customs clearance services for companies and individuals in Kuwait.

Logistics services
Asead Alahlia provides logistics solutions for major shipping companies since 2006

Freight forwarding and cargo services
Experienced staff in the field of freight forwarding and cargo services established Daily Express.

Domestic delivery solutions
Currently Daily express is expanding its operations by providing domestic delivery services

Trucking and Warehousing
Asead Alahlia offers heavy trucking and warehousing solutions upon customer request.

Located in the new Central fruits and vegetables market in Kuwait, Asead Alahlia provides a verity of foodstuff products.